EROS RAMAZZOTTI15.03.201619:00BratislavaZimný štadión Ondreja Nepelu

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Debuting tonight at the Verona Arena is Eros Ramazzotti’s Perfetto World Tour.

The first part of the tour will visit Ljubljana, Cluj, Sofia, Krakow, Kosice, Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Mannheim, Brussels, Prague, Cologne, Amsterdam, Stockholm and, in Italy, Milan, Florence, Rome, Caserta and Bologna to end on 7 November in Turin.

In addition, presales have already begun in many countries for the second part of the tour which will take in, amongst others, various cities in Russia in which no international artist has never yet performed and also in Bratislava, Slovakia at Zimny stadion Ondreja Nepelu.

Eros’s live shows are an opportunity for Italy to show to the rest of the world Italy’s artistic moment and in particular Italian pop music and, as ever on this tour, Eros wanted to cover international musical styles, completely reworking the 28 tracks in the show.

The playlist includes many tracks from Perfetto, the album released for Universal Music across the world last 8 May, already multi-platinum and present in the top ten best-selling albums of the 60 countries that published it. There is also room for the biggest hits, carefully selected so as not to disappoint the audiences of the various countries awaiting Eros in their masses for these initial 28 dates.

The musical direction is by Luca Scarpa (trusted musical director) and Claudio Guidetti, (who produced Perfetto with Eros) and it guides Eros Ramazzotti into a new world that perfectly combines his classic repertoire with his new music, showcasing new arrangements and remixes.

Eros the musician is given free rein in the guitar solo part of Stella Gemella, alone at the piano in Tra vent’anni and, in the finale, with the acoustic guitar version of Un angelo disteso al sole. Despite his global career and his 60 million albums sold, Eros continues to invest in music and wanted to be supported by a large 10 piece band.

He will share the stage with musicians from across the world:

his good friend Luca Scarpa (piano & keyboards), Giovanni Boscariol (keyboards), Giorgio Secco (guitar), Thomas Pridgen (drums), Paolo Costa (bass ), Joe Leader (sax), Christian Pescosta (percussion), Monica Hill and Roberta Montanari (backing vocals) and the legendary Phil Palmer (guitar), who has worked alongside Eros and, amongst others, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa and Robbie Williams.

The direction is by Luca Tommassini:

“More Eros than ever. A career spanning over 30 years, he’s just over 50 now, but in this show he will be Eros more than ever. With no frills, the show aims to highlight the true musical essence of the artist who, more than any other, has been able to conquer the world with his music. I have lived for longer abroad than in Italy and I have come to realise that there are five things that everyone knows about our Country: the word Ciao, pizza, pasta, Pavarotti and …Ramazzotti!! And it was a great pleasure to work with him, and to see his desire always to take up the challenge!”

The musical arrangements for the first time arise in parallel with the construction of the visuals, which Eros oversaw with Tommassini over the last nine months, going into the definition of every single detail. The opening involves a special 3D animation of Eros’s face, particularly angular, vaguely reminiscent of the spirit of the Marvel drawings and proudly highlighting the map of lines that time has drawn on his face.

The show is apparently very simple but is created using the most advanced technologies in line with the cutting-edge nature of the most prestigious international productions. Eros’s mask is a sort of icon and the show starts in this very way with images vaguely inspired by the world of Chaplin’s silhouettes: on the notes of L’ombra del gigante “numerous Eros icons” for the first time show his frivolous side, and reveal an ironic nature that few people know.

During the show we see him dance the salsa, shoot some special contributions under water, dribble with himself in black and white on the notes of Sbandando, and even star in a morphing video which represents a journey into the world’s different cultures.

For Esodi, a track dating back twenty-two years, written with Adelio Cogliati and Piero Cassano, from the album “Tutte storie” (1993), one of the most significant moments: on the screen, an enormous television and the sunny and smiley face of a child, playing, who wraps himself in a large flag of Europe and who, waving to Eros, offers a message of positivity: for L’Aurora, the sign language of a dancer offers the entire lyrics of the track, and becomes the special frame for this thrilling scenic picture.

The tour is produced by Maurizio Salvadori, Trident Music and is staged in collaboration with RDS and BMW. 

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